Chabad napoli & south italy

חב"ד נאפולי ודרום איטליה

Join us to discover the Ancient Jewish and Kosher Tradition in Naples and South Italy.

The Jewish Community in Naples has a very rich history, starting about 2000 years ago. In fact, evidences of  Jewish existence were found in Pompeii. During the middle ages, Jews were always active in Rome and Naples and In the early XVI century there were different Jewish Quarters.

This  coexistence was dramatically interrupted in the year 1541, with the banning of all Jews from the Kingdoms of Naples and South of Italy. Therefore Naples never had a ghetto, unlike Rome or Venice.

For about 350 years there were no Jewish communities in the South of Italy and, in the meantime, most Jewish sites went lost in several urban renewals in Calabria, Sicily and Naples.

The Community was revived only in the year 1864 after Italian unification and, nowadays, the Naples Jewish Community counts only 120 people. There is a stunning synagogue, established in the year 1864 with the contribution of the Rothschild bankers, which is the only place where Kosher food is available in the South of Italy and there is Minian on Shabbat.

מסעדה כשרה איטלקית בנאפולי

!מלון כשרים לכל החגים וכל השנה למהדרין

Enjoy an elegant Shabbat dinner in a unique and intimate setting.

Capri, Amalfi Coast and Puglia with the most exquisite Kosher Style

Join us as we celebrate Shabbat with a delicious Kosher three-course dinner, in a warm Shabbat atmosphere. From the Kiddush and Matzah balls, to the meaningful discussion & inspiring song, this is a Shabbat experience you won’t forget. 

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חב"ד נאפולי ודרום איטליה

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