kosher b&B in naples

כשר נאפולי ודרום איטליה

Shabat in Napoli & week days Lemehadrin, Kosher Food, שבת ולכל השבוע בנאפולי ואמאלפי קואסט  כשר למהדרין לקבוצות


  • Kosher L'Mehadrin all year around
  • Weddings and Bar Mitzva celebrations, singers
  • Kosher's Accomodation B&B 
  • Hotel Kosher - All Chaghim - with Chazanim
  • Napoli and Puglia Kosher meals
  • Professional catering 5 stars L'Mehadrin
  • Over 300 sunny days per year 
  • כשר נאפולי ודרום איטליה

Escape to a sun-filled vacation at the New Kosher BNB in Naples.
Blue seas, golden sand, fishing villages and bustling cities. Naples offers a lot of history (visit Pompei, Herculaneum and Capri), where past and present cultures blend together into a beautiful vacation city. It is a true hub of entertainment and tourist attractions.

Kosher Bookings was established to enable the religious traveler to indulge in a vacation abroad without having to worry about the details of Kosher food and Shabbos arrangements. 
At the same time, Kosher Bookings puts a strong emphasis on attractive prices and year-round availability.

Book Now:  +39 (392)8140659 – +39 (329)5651175

Shabbat Meal (2 Courses) - €48

Wine - €15

Challa - €6

Weekly Meal - €35


* All orders are to be paid in advance with a minimum window of 24 hours

* Order minimum - 150

* Please confirm your payment via WhatsApp or Email



WhatsApp: +393295651175


You may contact us for delivery costs in Naples and South Italy

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מסעדה כשרה איטלקית בנאפולי

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