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Rabbi Yisroel Piha was born and raised in Milan as one of seven siblings. As a teenager and adult, he traveled to the United States, Italy, Israel and Australia, where he got the Rabbinical formation in Melbourne at the Rabbininal Tribunal of Jesusalem. Now, together with his wife Hanna and their beautiful son Mendel, they seek to permanently answer their true calling: To celebrate Judaism and the warmth of our great heritage together with the Naples Community, no matter ones previous background or affiliation. 

Hanna Khafif Piha was educated in São Paulo, Brazil, and then moved to Israel to attend an exclusive high school specializing in the comprehensive study of the Talmud and Hassidism at Zefat. While studying in Vienna, Austria, she received her BA in Education at Lauder Chabad Campos. She traveled extensibly in Europe and Israel she attend the Jewish Religious Seminary. Hanna was able to utilize her education, Torah values, and talents to mentor young students and foster their Jewish awareness and pride. She organized and directed Jewish themed activities, and taught Torah classes in Rome at the Piazza Bologna Jewish School. 

As a young rabbinical student, Yisroel Piha combined his leadership capabilities, friendly personality, and strong Jewish beliefs, to dedicate his life towards the dissemination of Judaism. He began to travel around the world visiting different Jewish communities and organizing Jewish outreach missions in São Paulo, Rome, Naples and Palermo. He initiated and directed holiday services, Kosher meals, home visits, and taught intellectual and stimulating adult and children classes. Yisroel strived to create warm and everlasting experiences to instill sparks of Jewish life within the locales. 

Hanna’s dining room table is laden with homemade, delicious food, and happy guests. She goes out of her way to lend a helpful hand to a needy friend or stranger. Yisroel and Hanna maintain this aspect of a Jewish Home with joy, and accommodate all who seek a meal, some words of wisdom, or even just a chat. Both seek to create an everlasting impact, and bring Joyous Judaism, to everyone, with all of their heart.

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חב"ד נאפולי ודרום איטליה

חב"ד נאפולי ודרום איטליה

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